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Socio-Cultural Influences on Baroque Music by Mind Map: Socio-Cultural Influences on Baroque Music
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Socio-Cultural Influences on Baroque Music

Baroque music has a large role in American Culture. Many people can often be seen taking part in activities associated with Baroque music such as dance and theatre, this is a communal spirit that brings together family's and friends. anyone who doesn't join in is considered a outcast

Began in Italy due to part of the 'Counter-Reformation'

This was the period of Catholic revival from 1545 until the end of the Thirty Years War (1648)

Baroque became just as important to the 'Protestant Reformation'

Sparked in 1517 by Luther's Ninety Five Thesis and was effectively a rebel against the Catholic Church so Protestants formed

In Germany, all the arts suffered during the 30 Years' War (1618 - 1648), after which the Italian style swept into favour, and held sway throughout the Baroque era.

This struggle between the Protestants and Catholics lead to the 'Thirty Years War' due political power and religious issues

Occured between 1618 and 1648 in mainly central Europe and was one of the most destructive wars in Europe

Although it was initiated by the Catholic and Protestant feud it quickly escalated into more than that

The rise of the Absolute Monarchies and unity of the national states influences the creation of national styles

Charles II in 1660, brought severe austerity policies' with the Restoration from 1660 onwards came a musical revival, beginning with a distinctly domestic style, but later adopting the popular Italian style.

The courts of Louis XIV and Louis XV stimulated the production of large scale music like Operas

Louis XIV was a keen Ballerina and therefore encouraged the writing of Baroque music to dance too

French Baroque music influenced the architecture at the time of both Louis' reins

Smaller courts, like those belonging to German Princes prefer intimate music for salon and chapel

During the middle of the baroque period, the new musical style spread from Italy to the rest of Europe. Church modes gave way to major and minor modes and instrumental music took on a greater importance.

Worldwide Colonization in the 17th and 18th centuries allowed commercial theatres to be created for operas

governments and authority got more involved in sponsoring the performing arts, including music. which allowed money to be spent on the development of instruments and strived to reach the instruments full potential.

Some musicians were influenced by science to use methods of science to solve problems in music e.g. Bach's 'Art of the Fugue' and Rameau's 'Treatise on Harmony'

Music and Literature became obsessed with affections and expressive feelings

Many instruments reached the peak of their development at the height of the baroque era; the organs of Arp Schnitger (north Germany) and Bach’s close friend Gottfried Silbermann (Saxony, south Germany)