Climate Change in the artic

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Climate Change in the artic by Mind Map: Climate Change in the artic

1. Causes

1.1. global warming

1.1.1. ice albedo feedback loop as ice melts the earth heats up which then increases the rate of melting ice

1.1.2. melting of ice ice reflects sunlight and so if it melts the earth heats up quicker

1.1.3. increase in tree growth trees absorb lots of sunlight which increases the temperature

1.1.4. increased solar output increases the temperature

1.1.5. cows they fart!!

2. Importance

2.1. economical drain

2.1.1. lost of money has to be spent on reasearch.

2.1.2. money speant on new technologies to save cows

2.1.3. houses and environment in need of repair.

2.2. loss of ice and snow

2.2.1. speeds up global warming

2.2.2. increases sea levels

3. Effects

3.1. negative

3.1.1. ecological tree's fall down due to melting of perma frost which destoys habitats for many animals e.g. cows habitats are destroy for lots of animals e.g cows cows become extinct

3.1.2. human people have to move due to unsafe lan.

3.1.3. physical loss of land due to melting ice and storm erosion. perma frost is melting less of the sun light is reflected

3.2. positive

3.2.1. ecological more trees grow

3.2.2. human more habbital land for cows more shipping routs have opened up