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Promote Charity by Mind Map: Promote Charity

1. What is Charity?

1.1. Charity is helping by contributing something to someone in need of help. Charity comes from good will and it is not forced.

2. How do i contribute to charity?

2.1. Contribute to charity by donating to charitable organisations or doing voluntary work for them.

3. Why should i contribute to charity?

3.1. There are many out there who are not as fortunate as us, by donating to charity we are helping these people to lead a better life.

4. What if i do not have the money?

4.1. Donations can be of any amount, even 10 cents can go a long way in helping someone unfortunate out. You can even donate clothing or books which are unwanted as one man's waste is another man's treasure.

5. Where does you money go?

5.1. If you donate to trust able charitable organistion your money will definately go to someone who u is very unfortunate.

6. Charities in Singapore

6.1. Community Chest, World Vision Singapore,Singapore Red Cross, Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) and more.