Let's speak GLOBISH!

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Let's speak GLOBISH! by Mind Map: Let's speak GLOBISH!

1. If you can't master English, try Globish

2. inventor of globish

2.1. watch the video and listen to the inventor of globish

3. what does globish consist on? Simple slideshare presentation about globish.

4. first set of globish words. How was it created?

5. sessions and tasks

5.1. Session 1

5.1.1. presentation of the project

5.1.2. Watch video and slideshare presentation about globish

5.1.3. In groups of 4 start preparing your prezi presentation about globish with the main ideas

5.2. session 2

5.2.1. Read the article about what globish consists of and analyze the list of globish words.

5.2.2. Create a text in globish. Use www.vocaroo.com to create podcasts showing your work

5.3. session 3

5.3.1. watch the videos with globish examples and create your own video. Use www.mailvu.com

5.4. session 4

5.4.1. forum discussion. Question: Can Globish substitute English? Read the nytimes article and contribute with at least an entry in the discussion forum (facebook class group)

6. two videos showing examples of globish

6.1. English throughout history

6.2. globish vs english

7. 1500 words