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Creative Synthesis through Curation by Mind Map: Creative Synthesis through Curation
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Creative Synthesis through Curation


curate a user learning experience

Access content


disseminate a Point of View

Reinsert your mix into the public sphere


frame the content

Consider Storify's Bias

How will you use your title & opening?

re-contextualize, subvert

How do your choices support your POV?

Consider relationships between media on your timeline

How are you inserting yourself into the piece?

reinforce & substantiate

Embed opportunities for more learning

How are you guiding the learning through your choices?


Activate your message

Where will you reinsert your message?


What did you learn by interacting with other's content and knowledge?

How does publishing or sharing your work affect your group dynamic?, Helps add value and increases our sense of RESPONSIBILITY

What were the challenges in or benefits of curating & creating in a group and how can you address them?, Learning new tools and thinking of how they connect to the learning

What did you find out about your research process from this timed collaborative creative sythesis challenge?

How did creative synthesis happen during this process?, Simplifying our work, Beginning with the end in mind