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Weather! by Mind Map: Weather!

1. Wind

1.1. movement of air

1.1.1. tornadoes What is a tornado? tornado in a bottle (science)

1.1.2. hurricanes

1.2. breeze, etc...

1.2.1. Bubbles in the Wind Activity (math, prediction)

1.3. Wind socks (art)

1.4. What can the wind move project (science)

2. Rain

2.1. mud pies (cooking/science)

2.2. Rain drop counting (math/science)

2.3. prism rainbows (science)

2.4. rainbow coffee filters (art)

2.5. water cycle

2.5.1. make your own water cyle

3. Seasons

3.1. Summer

3.2. Fall

3.3. Spring

3.4. Winter

4. Books/Literacy

4.1. Clifford and the Big Storm

4.2. Just a Thunderstorm; Mercer Meyer

4.3. The Rainy Day; Anna Milbourne

4.4. The Wind Blew; Pat Hutchins

4.5. A Busy Year; Leo Lionni

5. Sun

5.1. Sun prints (art, science)

6. Make a weather board

6.1. decision making, graphing (math), art