Social Networking Technologies and sites

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Social Networking Technologies and sites by Mind Map: Social Networking Technologies and sites

1. Commercial Sites

1.1. Ebay

1.1.1. online auctions and shopping

1.2. Amazon

1.2.1. online shopping and purchase recommendations

2. Social Networking Sites

2.1. Facebook

2.1.1. Connect With Friends

2.1.2. Document + share my personal experiences

2.1.3. Maintain current relationship with friends & family

3. Social media Sites

3.1. Youtube

3.1.1. learning through watching instructional video clips

3.2. Flickr

3.2.1. managing and sharing photos

3.3. mindmeister

3.3.1. creation and sharing of organisational mindmaps

4. Social Bookmarking

4.1. Delicious

4.1.1. saving, organising and sharing information

4.2. Symbaloo

4.2.1. visual organisation and sharing of most frequently used bookmarks

4.3. Pinterest

4.3.1. collection and sharing of images and ideas boards

5. Blogs

5.1. Blogger

5.1.1. university assignment

5.2. LIS blogs recieved through RSS feeds

5.3. Wordpress

5.3.1. Online learning journal

6. MicroBlogging

6.1. Twitter

6.1.1. Share interesting links

6.1.2. Exchange ideas and comments through conversations with others

6.1.3. follow entertaining or interesting posts of others

6.1.4. experience a sense of community through engagement in a twitter group

7. Instant Messaging

7.1. Skype

7.1.1. maintain current relationships with friends and family