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Web 2.0 Lesson by Mind Map: Web 2.0 Lesson
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Web 2.0 Lesson

2. Idea Generation

Discuss w/PLN



This is the States new portal with standards and lesson ideas.  It is still under construction at this time.

Keystone Commons

A closed and secure social network  for PA educators and students.  It has many of the functions of twitter, Facebook, and blogs in a secure setting.  The drawback is that it is limited to PA.

Other Wikis with Resources

3. Lesson Research

Check for existing ideas


6. Publishing of Student work.

Class Wiki


This resource has become mor epopular and may not be suitable for younger viewers.

Your Webpage

Many New Sites

there a multitude of new sites which are free for educators and students to publish work.  If you know of any, please add to our discussion.  

5. The Lesson Itself: Student Creation


1. Begin the Conversation

What is your level of experience?

4. Lesson Itself: Collecting Information

Hosting the Lesson



7. Lesson Wrap-up

Advertise published work

Reflections on project

Early Childhood/Elementary Resources


This site has many e-books for free.  The stories can be personalized or have the voice activation read the stories aloud.

This site contains pre-reading resources through more advanced stories for older elementary students.


This free site allows for story creation.  The images are already supplied under Creative Commons Licensing.  The books are free, soon you will be able to print them out.


This site is a free digital storytelling site that has many functions.

Mouse Skills

Collaborative Writing Project

Karen Ditzler runs a collaborative writing project.  There are over 120 classrooms world-wide participating.