How To Be More Referable

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How To Be More Referable by Mind Map: How To Be More Referable

1. Be Easy

1.1. Phone # on every web page

2. Exceed Expectations

2.1. Set proper ones

2.2. Create surprises

2.3. Add sample packs

3. Add Value Beyond Price

3.1. Results reviews

3.2. Product use training

3.3. Customer mentors

3.4. Refer customer to partners to save money or add value in another areas of business

4. Be Ready to Refer

4.1. Recruit network

4.2. Learn what is not a good referral for partners

5. Keep Promises

5.1. Delivery date guarantee

5.2. 5 hour phone call return promise

6. Communicate

6.1. During planning

6.2. When adjustments are needed

6.3. Upon completion to ensure satisfaction

7. Create An Experience

7.1. Share a Life Changing Event

8. Educate Instead of Sell

8.1. Webinars

8.2. e books

8.3. FAQ's

9. Make People Look and Feel Good

9.1. Keep referral sources in the loop

9.2. Thank referral sources publicly

10. Do Something Talkable

10.1. Product innovation

10.2. Personal story