I Am Legend- Reflection 2 : Prompt #6

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I Am Legend- Reflection 2 : Prompt #6 by Mind Map: I Am Legend- Reflection 2 : Prompt #6

1. Rob's Determination to survive: survival

1.1. a. He makes stakes, garlic, sound proofs house.

1.2. b. He kills vampires during the day, he wants to find more ways to kill them, find out more about them.

1.3. c. He has no true to live but he still does.

2. Pure Isolation from other humans.

2.1. a. No one to talk to.

2.2. b. He must do everything on his own.

2.3. c. It drives him insane: stress, anxiety, alcohol.

3. Vampires

3.1. a. These ones have blood flowing in them (differences).

3.2. b. Similarity to other vampires stories.

3.3. c. Where did these vampires come from?