Balancing digital literacy with digital safety

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Balancing digital literacy with digital safety by Mind Map: Balancing digital literacy with digital safety

1. Digital Literacy

1.1. Diff between digitally savvy & digitally literate

1.2. Identity

1.2.1. Real

1.2.2. Online (pseudonym) Use a pseudo identity to express views other than your own

1.3. HO skills

1.4. Co-construction of knowledge

1.5. conscious of bias and validity

1.6. TwitCam Resource

1.7. Howard Rheingold promotes performance and production skills as digital literacy - is this represented in schools?

1.8. The need for community-determined policies

1.9. Leon Cych says digital safety depends on a community approach to developing a code- and as everything is changing this needs to be kept live: this is about behaviours and cultures- a wide field

2. Digital Identities

2.1. Ubiquitous

2.2. 'Organic'

2.3. Accessible

2.4. Reactionary

2.5. safe

3. Digital Safety - the individual

3.1. Aware

3.2. Cultural appropriacy

3.3. in control

3.3.1. concern over control of collaborative construction like this

4. Digital Safety - the institution

4.1. Embedded

4.2. "Freeing" not constraining

4.3. Enabling

4.4. understood

4.5. how dangerous is the web asks Allison if children are tempted to buy wittingly

4.6. What is your picture of the web? Is it a fear of grooming, phishing or something more positive

4.7. the concepts engaged in some terms are new and wide- see list

4.8. look up Steve Hunt 'SecurityDreamer and Grifter

4.9. In Communities of practice you need trust: does this militate against security ideas?

4.10. Through the Looking Glass slides

4.11. I think we need to remember, we are discussing children's use of these technologies. They do not have the same maturity as we do. Using a collaborative Mind Map with pupils can lead to all sorts of mis-use.

5. Digital Literacy - Resources

5.1. Accessible

5.1.1. Online

5.2. Multi-modal

5.3. Interactive

5.4. Embedded

5.5. New node

5.6. collaborative

5.6.1. problems of ownership

6. Digital Safety - Resources

6.1. Engaging

6.2. Relevant

6.3. Up-to-date

6.3.1. cool!

6.4. Generalisable

6.5. Accessible

6.5.1. Collaboratively

6.6. Culturally appropriate