Sexuality, Relationships, & Unique Humor

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Sexuality, Relationships, & Unique Humor by Mind Map: Sexuality, Relationships, & Unique Humor

1. Laughter Out of Place

1.1. rape

1.1.1. rape typically goes unreported because of the fear/distrust one has regarding the police/legal sytem

1.2. death

1.2.1. poking fun at the deceased

1.3. traumatic events

1.3.1. conceals emotional pain concerning a traumatic event

1.3.2. when there is chronic trauma, one is only left with the choice of laughter regarding the never ending cycle of sad events that occur within a favela community

1.4. Making light of a bad situation

1.4.1. masks and reveals social structures/hierarchies

2. Male sexuality

2.1. Food metaphors

2.1.1. The "consumer"

2.1.2. comer

2.2. initiation

2.2.1. Homoerotic taking one`s masculinity through anal sex

2.2.2. learning efficient seduction tactics

2.2.3. prostitution accepted method initiation because of the lack of responsibility involved

2.3. expected to provide for women and their families

2.4. double standard

2.4.1. Women tolerate infidelity, it is almost expected

2.5. "stepfather model"

2.5.1. not to be trusted

2.5.2. transgressor

3. Female sexuality

3.1. expect lovers to provide for their family

3.1.1. use sex as a bargaining chip/punishment

3.2. Food metaphors

3.2.1. The "consumed"

3.3. prideful sexuality in the face of poverty

3.3.1. "we may be poor, but we are rich with sex abundance

3.4. love to be desired

3.4.1. verbal social flirtation is a norm

3.4.2. enjoy being looked at

3.5. Legal age regarding sexual consent is age 14

3.6. Street women

3.6.1. sexually loose, unbound by domestic rules

3.7. Embrace Brazilian carnivalization of desire

3.7.1. Masculinist vision

3.8. double standard

3.8.1. Men do not tolerate infidelity by women and it is not expected

3.8.2. virginity reflects charecter