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Run Advertising That Gets Results by Mind Map: Run Advertising That Gets Results

1. Created by Dave Rothacker for Service Nation Alliance members

2. Want effective advertising results?

2.1. Be laser focused on ideal client

2.2. Create content awareness w/ call to action

2.3. Measure leads / conversion fanatically

3. Advertising effective part of mix because:

3.1. It's only medium you can control

3.2. Allows you to target ideal clients only

3.3. Creates awareness for content

3.4. Adds credibility to message

3.5. Amplifies everything else you're doing

4. Two-step direct response advertising

4.1. Step 1 - Run ads that offer free report etc

4.2. Step 2- Send report; market to this group

4.3. Benefits

4.4. What should you offer?

5. Duct Tape marketing ad formula

5.1. Headline

5.2. Benefits

5.3. Proof

5.4. Offer

5.5. Call to action

6. What forms of advertising make the most sense for your business?

6.1. The ones that work. Ugh!

7. Create spreadsheet of possible advertising opportunities

7.1. Network TV

7.2. Cable TV

7.3. Radio

7.4. Local newspapers

7.5. Business newspapers

7.6. Magazines

7.7. Yellow Pages

7.8. Outdoor

7.9. Direct mail

7.10. Telemarketing

7.11. Internet

7.12. Neighborhood

7.13. Your own advertising vehicles

7.14. Strategic partnerships

8. Facebook

9. Duct Tape Marketing Resources