Laughter Out Of Place Ch. 6 & 7

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Laughter Out Of Place Ch. 6 & 7 by Mind Map: Laughter Out Of Place Ch. 6 & 7

1. Chapter 6

1.1. Sexuality in Local Culture

1.1.1. Sexual joking and teasing is a very common, friendly aspect of life

1.1.2. "sex-positive" attitude

1.1.3. Men and women of all ages talk about sex

1.2. Carnivalization of Desire

1.2.1. Eroticized "tropical paradise"

1.2.2. Public flirtation is common to compliment the bodies of women. Women liked to be called "sexually desirable".

1.2.3. Male homosexuality Upper-class and lower-class model. Lower-class was more of the female in a homosexual relationship, while the upper-class male acted as the man in the relationship.

1.2.4. Feminist Avoided talking about sexuality or body appearance. Afro-Brazilian women are second-class sexual citizens.

1.3. Sexual Culture

1.3.1. Many different metaphors that have regular definitions, but can also be used sexually.

1.3.2. Not good to have too many sexual partners

1.3.3. Women break up with men if they eat too much and produce too little.

1.3.4. Many different uses for the word "eat"

1.4. From Boys to Men

1.4.1. It is unhealthy for a man not to have sex

1.4.2. Men should have sex at an early age to gain experience

1.4.3. Women should remain virgins as logn as possible, wait until they find someone that could support them

1.4.4. Everyone should have either money or good sex

1.4.5. Men were teased if they did not have sex for a long time Detail 2

1.5. Sacanagem

1.5.1. Linking "notions of aggression and hostility, play and amusement, sexual excitement and erotic practice in a single symbolic complex"

1.5.2. Can describe an act that gives pleasure, or hurts and humiliates.

1.5.3. Often applied in the context of sexuality that borders on the transgressive

1.6. Partial Truths

1.6.1. "Potential" Abuser - Man not fully related or committed to the protection of the child.

1.6.2. Poor women are left as guardians

1.6.3. Training young boys for manhood

2. Chapter 7

2.1. Evening of Terror

2.1.1. Gloria's family was assaulted. Dealt with through humor

2.1.2. Rape of a child in a shantytown can provoke a gang to murder

2.2. Battling Mothers and Daughters

2.2.1. Anita became pregnant after rape, Gloria spent Christmas money on abortion, Anita was pregnant by her boyfriend

2.2.2. Daughters must move out of house after losing their virginity

2.2.3. Gloria criticized teen pregnancy after finding out Anita became pregnant by her boyfriend

2.3. Legal Universe

2.3.1. Distrust and fear in police, rapes are not reported

2.3.2. People assumed lower-class women did not place as much importance on losing their virginity compared to upper and elite class

2.4. Black Humor

2.4.1. Humor can only be understood in its place.

2.4.2. No choice but to laugh at living status