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Theories by Mind Map: Theories

1. Connectivism

1.1. role of social interaction is key to the development of new learning

1.2. learning is a product of collaboration with others as well as multiple ideas (existing and new)

1.3. focus on the process of learning rather than attaining new information

1.4. educator's role is to guide student learning, not dictate it

2. Media Ecology

2.1. media influences how people learn and understand the world around them

2.2. media could be used positively to influence people by allowing people to gain knowledge from and interact with others

2.3. media might be negative for people as it could result in wrong information

2.4. is only possible with the interaction and communication with others to gain knowledge

3. Social Construction of Technology

3.1. people learn by the utilization of technology and the ideas of others

3.2. the interaction with others is the key to gain knowledge

3.3. technology is a key tool for learning and interaction with others

4. Constructivism

4.1. knowledge is constructed when new information is added to existing information

4.2. there must be prior ideas to build on to arrive at new learning

4.3. best learning through hands on approach and collaboration with others

4.4. educator's role is to guide student learning, not dictate it.

5. Cognitive Load

5.1. idea that people learn by building on existing knowledge

5.2. learning must occur in attainable segments rather than in large ideas

5.3. the amount of information a person can process and understand is different person to person

5.4. problem solving skills are utilized for learners to gain knowledge


6.1. idea that teaching needs to conscious of technology, pedagogy, content & knowledge

6.2. integration of technology is key to modern learning

6.3. identifies that teachers must have appropriate knowledge of technology to effectively implement it in the classroom

6.4. technology needs context to be useful for learning, must build on previous understanding

7. Philosophy of Teaching

7.1. personal goals and ideas to implement within the classroom

7.2. individual to the teacher and will guide student learning as well as teacher's teaching techniques

7.3. statement of devotion to learning to students and parents

7.4. can outline how technology will be used for learning and guidelines for appropriate use