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James Madison by Mind Map: James Madison
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James Madison

His Life

His family

James father was a planter, he grew up in an estate in Orange County. When his father died , he inherited land and became a very rich landowner. His mother was born at Port Conway and her name was Eleanor. His parents had a big influence on James life. He had three brothers and three sisters, and 30 nieces and nephews. One of his brothers was a veteran during the revolution.

James Madison

James Madison was born on March 16, 1751 and died on June 28, 1836. He was born in port conway, Virginia. 


''From ages 11–16, Madison studied under Donald Robertson, an instructor at the Innes plantation in King and Queen County, Virginia. From Robertson, Madison learned math, geography, and modern and ancient languages. He became especially proficient in Latin.'' Madison went to College of New Jersey which is better know as Princeton University. His studies there included Latin, Greek, science, geography, math, rhetoric, and philosophy. Great emphasis also was placed on speech and debate. After graduation, Madison remained at Princeton to study Hebrew and philosophy under university president John Witherspoon before returning to Montpelier in the spring of 1772. Madison studied law sporadically but never gained admission to the bar.'' Thus Madison debating skills got better, those helped him persuade people of what he thought was right. Doing those studies then made him a man with a lot of knowledge. This knowledge helped him take the place of President of the United Stated. 

Skills: Debating and Knowledge


When delegates to the Constitutional Convention assembled at Philadelphia, the 36-year-old Madison took frequent and emphatic part in the debates. After doing a lot of debates back in Princeton, he got better at debating. Thus he could make people agree with him. Doing this helped him make people not only agree with him, but also see something new about him. This something made him the President of the United States. Furthermore debating helped him become a president because to be a president you have to know how to persuade people to agree with you. You have to persuade people to give you a chance to show them how America would change with you as a president.


Madison did a lot of studies, thus his knowledge was very wide. He knew how to speak several languages, including latin. People want to vote for someone smart, someone that knows what he does, and someone who can help even in the most disastrous moments. This was Madison's profile before becoming president. He knew what to do, and he knew what he had to do to make people vote for him




Legacy: Revolution and becoming President

Well, one of his biggest accomplishments was becoming the president of the United States of America.

(Of course it was entirely positive since Madison left his presidential post as a poorer man.) Trading was forbidden with Britain and France which wasn't entirely positive, however in 1810 the congress authorized trading with both of them. Directing the President, if either would accept America's view of neutral rights, to forbid trade with the other nation. He asked the congress if he could declare war, and he did. However they weren't strong enough, thus the British entered Washington and set fire to the White house. After a few notable naval and military victories they had better chances and they were successful.

He was 'the father of the Constitution' and he wrote the bill of rights.

He was known as the father of the Constitution because he had a central role in the shaping of the document. Thus he helped write the Constitution. Madison and other people wanted a new government. (More information in Leadership) The 3 main objectives for the Bill of rights that he didn't agree on at first. it was unnecessary, since it purported to protect against powers that the federal government had not been granted; it was dangerous, since enumeration of some rights might be taken to imply the absence of other rights; and at the state level, bills of rights had proven to be useless paper barriers against government powers. However after seeing that their government needed those he took the idea of Mason and 'wrote' the Bill of Rights. However it was only based on what he said.

Leadership: Constitution


Madison and others who wanted a new government manages to dominate the meeting by bringing a plan with them. Madison helped a lot in the writing and editing of the Constitution, thus he was known as 'the father of the Constitution.'  Though Madison was a shy man, he was one of the more outspoken members of the Continental Congress. He envisioned a strong federal government that could overrule actions of the states when they were deemed mistaken; later in life he came to admire the US Supreme Court as it started filling that role. This shows that Madison even through his shyness could do his role in a great way. Exactly why Madison was known as as 'the father of the Constitution.' People like him get through their weaknesses and work on their strengths to become greater.