Herr Voldey's Feelings on Blogs

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Herr Voldey's Feelings on Blogs by Mind Map: Herr Voldey's Feelings on Blogs

1. The Sartorialist

1.1. AWESOME fashion blog! It has cool pictures straight of the streets around the world to those of us lucky enough to be going to Fashion Week (NY, London, Paris, Milan, you name it!)

1.2. I learned all about the latest trends that are being seen all over the streets and which designers are the inspiration for these trends - the ones who created them!

1.3. I found out about the blogger's book of photos from around the world that just recently came out! It's got a collection of his best pictures, some even capturing famous celebrities, models, and designers. It's all fashion, fashion fashion!

2. The Hollywood Blog

2.1. I learned that Robert Downey Jr and Beyonce are wanted to be the main stars in the movie "A Star is Born"! What a dream team (minus Beyonce, RDJr is super sexy)!

2.2. I learned that a 42 year old man in Taiwan suffered a stroke while watching Avatar and died 11 days later. The probable cause? Over-excitement.

2.3. I learned that there are all new Alice and Wonderland (Tim Burton) stills out and boy do they look like an acid trip.

2.4. I learned that homewrecker Claire Danes wants to star in another crappy movie with her super sexy, undeserved boyfriend Hugh Dancy.

2.5. I learned that Tobey Maguire won't be in the new Spiderman movie. And James Franco thinks this will work in the style of the Batman movies. Hmmm.... I'm a little unsure. We shall see! As long as Kirsten Dunst doesn't make her coke-snorting face appear. Mary Jane, talk about Mary LAME!


3.1. Liza Minelli will be joining the cast of Ugly Betty. I bet everyone's cheering!

3.2. George Clooney donated $1 million to Haiti. Very nice :)

3.3. Mischa Barton is being sued over her unpaid rent. Can somebody say TRAINWRECK?

3.4. Robert Pattinson's new movie has him romping around a lot in multiple sex-driven scenes. WOOHOO! I can't wait to see this.

4. Youtube Blog

4.1. I learned that Sundance movies are being screened for the heads of Youtube! Oh what a joyous life they lead, making bajillions off of our lame videos. And their job is to watch hilarious videos like "Old Gregg" and stuff all day. Damn.

4.2. Many famous singers and bands are putting on a live show, that will be shown on Youtube, to raise money for the benefit of Haiti. Awwwww, how thoughtful.

4.3. Youtube is going to start renting movies. WOWZA! Boy does technology move fast.