Factors of development within a Classroom

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Factors of development within a Classroom by Mind Map: Factors of development within a Classroom

1. Legal Factors

1.1. Brown v Board of Education: made segregation Illegal.

1.2. Lau v. Nichols: This law ensured equal education regardless of language.

2. Social Factors

2.1. Hidden Curriculum: The side effect of learning in a school, such as learning societal norms values and beliefs.

2.2. Ecological Environment: The environment in which Identity develops such as class or gender roles.

2.3. Cultural Deficit: The idea that minority cultures learn the value's of a majority culture in school

3. Psychological Factors

3.1. Pygmalion Effect: the idea that the greater the expectation placed upon people, the better they perform.

3.2. Sleeper effect: The idea that when people are given a persuasive message followed by a disclaimer or reduced credibility, people still tend to be persuaded over time.

4. • Diversity (segregation and integration).

4.1. Achievement Gap: The discrepancy in performance between a main culture and a minority one.

4.2. Heterogeneous Groups: The organization of student groups by mixed skill Level.

5. External Enviornment

5.1. Parent Involvement

5.2. Community Involvement