facts of cotton plants

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facts of cotton plants by Mind Map: facts of cotton plants

1. all about cotton

1.1. what is cotton

1.1.1. Cotton is a natural fibre that is harvested from the cotton plant.

1.2. how long does cotton need to produce?

1.2.1. About two months after planting flower buds appear on the cotton plants. A month later the blossoms open and their petals change from creamy white to yellow, to pink and then finally dark red. Shortly after they wither and fall, leaving green pods which are called cotton bolls.

1.3. what type of condition do cotton need to produce??

1.3.1. cotton requires a long growing season, sunny and warm weather, plenty of water and dry weather for harvest.

1.4. Havesting

1.4.1. Harvesting is either done by hand or by machines. In developing countries cotton is more often than not hand picked

2. cotton plants

2.1. about cotton plants

2.1.1. The cotton plant is a leafy, green shrub related to the Hibiscus.

2.2. flowers

2.2.1. The yellow flower of the Galapagos cotton shrub is the largest of any endemic or native plant in the Galapagos islands.

2.3. where is it originated from

2.3.1. 7,000 years ago humans started growing cotton in the Indus Valley in what is now Pakistan; 2,000 years later it was cultivated in what is now Mexico and Peru. Fragments of cotton fabric from 5,000 BC have been excavated in Mexico and Pakistan. Cotton spread east from Pakistan into China, Japan and Korea and west into Europe, reaching Spain in the 900s.

2.4. how many seeds does a cotton plant contain?

2.4.1. Each cotton boll usually contains 27-45 seeds. Attached to each seed is between 10,000 – 20,000 tiny fibres about 28mm in length.

2.5. how many contries grow cotton

2.5.1. More than 75 countries grow cotton

3. by: kaili and melissa