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Robotics by Mind Map: Robotics

1. All robots breakdown- robots stop in their action and falls over on the spot- describe a few scenarios of robots breaking down

1.1. humans are distressed & terror errupts

1.2. someone accidentally uses electromagnetic pulse

1.3. broken robots causing accidents

1.4. The enemy president(of intentionally set off the electromagnetic pulse.

1.4.1. Why: So that he can send out new models of highly armed robots e.g. rocket pods, RC missles and ice guns. He is going to send them out to conquer other worlds

2. setting

2.1. building are tall & floating automobiles

2.2. Year 2114 population: unknown president Marcus John ruling -super police- fully armoured, carry photon lasers or slow gun. Super suit- rocket powered feet which makes them taller The cooling plates under their feet

2.3. artificial photosynthesis, no trees since the sun started to die and there is lack of light & heat

2.4. robots exist because Professor M.Meister created the elite series of robots

2.5. They communicate with their leader by inplanted next to their ear drum a communication device known as T22. No one has seen the leader as he is a "bad guy" and it is rumoured he has a big scary scar down his cheek

3. Planet B135

3.1. Has it's own young 5000 years old sun

3.2. 1 techa mile(robotic miles measurement) away

3.3. Native creatures- frog like creatures Morgans

3.3.1. more advanced than humans with their own hostile weaponry

3.4. Air is thinner but still breathable

3.5. Only some water but guarded by Morgans

4. The Leader

4.1. President James Smith wants to rule planet B135 with President Marcus John to save his people

5. ship 1056

5.1. has energy shields, no weaponry

5.2. it's own "brain" mechanical human- no living things