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John Adams by Mind Map: John Adams
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John Adams


Adams had done many accomplishments through out his life that made him a tru leader but the major one was how he kept the USA from being in war with France. Tension rouse between American and the French. John Adams sent three commissioners to the French. He received an answer on spring in the year 1798. The French Minister and the Directory did not want to negotiate any kind of contract and said they would not establish trade or any other kind of commerce with the U.S.A unless the Americans accepted to pay a substantial bribe. John Adams took the answer badly and made a kind of law or judgment in which the French would be referred as “X, Y, and Z”. Adams did not declared war to any countries but sent a declaration of piece to the french. After a long time of negotiations, the USA was in peace with France. Other Accomplishments: He defended as a Lawyer a British Soldier from the boston Massacre and which he won the cause. Adams and Jefferson were the ones who helped the most in the growing of the USA at the Continental Congress.


He had four children, one of them was know to be the 6th president of the United States of America, John Quincy Smith. He was oneof the two presidents who signed the contract of Indipendance. He spent most of his time as president in trying to solve the problems with France and was succesful which solved many problems. His letters between him and his wife or other people (even thomas Jefferson) were a great source of inspiration for historians.      


A skill John Adams was mostly known for was his wisdom and how he negotiated, and how he knew how his enemies think. France had done many things that should have brought Adams to declare war but he did not. He knew the war would bring negative effects to the U.S.A. Instead, he kept on asking piece, and finally got it before he left his post as a president. He was also a great lawyer which helped him in many different situations.


John Adams was born in the Massachusetts bay colony in 1735. He was a graduated lawyer from Harvard and from a well educated family and was married to a women named Abigail. He later lead the movement for independence with Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and James Madison. Between 1785 and 1788, he was minister to the court of St. James. He later was chosen as Vice President of the United States of America with George Washington as President. He stayed Vice President for two years. He then became President and retired later in his farm in Quincy. He died on July 4 1826, the same day as Thomas Jefferson.

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