Direct Mail is an Ideal Target Medium

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Direct Mail is an Ideal Target Medium by Mind Map: Direct Mail is an Ideal Target Medium

1. Created for Service Nation Alliance members by Dave Rothacker

2. The List

2.1. Start with ideal client

2.2. Compiled from public records

2.3. Subscribers or enthusiasts

3. The Perfect Mailing List

3.1. Merge separate lists

3.2. About understanding culture of ideal client

3.3. Place list in a contact database

3.4. Mail to six times in six months

3.5. Qualify recepients

4. Your sticky Sales Letter

4.1. Headline

4.2. State the problem

4.3. Stir up the problem

4.4. Paint hopeful future

4.5. Outline solution

4.6. Answer objections

4.7. Make offer

4.8. Create a call to action

4.9. P.S.

5. Copywriting Tips for Small Business Marketes

5.1. Create a swipe file

5.2. Tell them why

5.3. Write as you talk

5.4. Use subheadlines in copy

5.5. Use quotes

5.6. Use active voice

5.7. Tell stories

6. Your Sales Letter Package

6.1. Outer envelope

6.2. Postage rate

7. Post Office is a Great Small Business Resource

8. Small Batch, Handcrafted Direct Mail is Effective

8.1. Go small

8.2. Be personal

8.3. Add value

8.4. Follow-up

9. Lumpy Mail Always Gets Opened

10. How to Run a Lumpy Mail Campaign

10.1. Use unique items to communicate core message

10.2. Repetition

10.3. A building series

10.4. The call to action

10.5. How much for those lumps?

11. A Consistent Contact Strategy

11.1. Contact 8 to 10 times a year

11.2. Use contact management software

12. A Consistent Pattern of Contact