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Intelligence- by Mind Map: Intelligence-
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Intelligence-The ability to acquire knowledge along with the ability to reason and use these skills to address problems and seek out solutions when confronted with new and challenging situations. The map is constructed of 3 categories further broken down into components and subcomponents. The categories are denoted by Red flags.   The components are: Home, School and Social economic. These fall under the Environment category. There are two additional categories: Hereditary and Experiences. These three categories are composed of the components and subcomponents that effect the concept of intelligence. The areas that cross over are denoted with arrows. In this case, the components and subcomponents are denoted to show where they cross over from the distinct categories. Taken as a whole, these components and subcomponents act and interact to effect and develop the intelligence of the child.    


Home Component

School Component

Social economic Component





Formal learning

Informal learning