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Sarah - James Madison by Mind Map: Sarah - James Madison
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Sarah - James Madison


Tobacco Plantion

James Madison was born in Port Conoway, Virginia. He grew up on a tobacco plantation that his father owned in Orange County. He was the eldest of 12 siblings.   He married a widow that had one son in Jefferson County, West Virginia. He had no children of his own. site:3,4

College of New Jersey (Princeton)

At age 18, James Madison went to college and finished a four year course in only two years in which he studied Latin, Greek, science, geography, math, rhetoric, and philosophy. He stayed in college after he graduated to study hebrew and philosophy before he came back home. He then persued his career in politics and was appointed to the Orange County Committee of Safety. He was a lawyer at one point and also served in the Virginia state legislature. He helped draft the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom. site: 3,4  


4th President

In his first year of administration, the U.S. prohibited trade with France and Britain. Congress authorized trade only if one of them accepted America's view of Neutral rights. Trade would be forbidden with the other nation. Napoleon seemed to agree so trade was forbidden with Great Britain. James Madison led his country into war with Great Britain (the war of 1812), but they weren't prepared and only had a few military victories. (The war was successful though, but not because of him.) site:2

Leader in Virginia Assembly

The Virginia Assembly is the oldest legislative body.



Recorded information at the constitutional convention that was put into the Constitution. Wrote the Bill of Rights. Site: 4

He could think outside of the box

- came up with the 3 branch government. - Brought up the idea of having one strong government with one president. site: 3,4


Considered "Father of the Constitution"

James Madison was part of the Constituional Convention. The Constitutional Convention got together to amend the articles of Confederation. They ended up writing a new Constitution and James madison was the one who recorded the information. He was one of the people who had written Virginia's constitution. Later, virginia's constitution became a basis for the Constitution. He wanted a strong central government for the country. He's the one that came up with the three branch government that was the basis for the Constitution. He contributed more than anyone else on the framing of the constitution and his dedication and hard work in the drafting of the constitution earned him his nickname. Later on, he also introduced the Bill of Rights to the Constitution. Sites: 1,3,5


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