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這地球,天天轉,奇妙事不斷有!! by Mind Map: 這地球,天天轉,奇妙事不斷有!!
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The New Socialism: Global Collectivist Society Is Coming Online [WM 090617

這篇文章作者 Kevin Kelly 提出,未來世界將是一個透過網上協作(online collaboration)而產生的新社會主義社會(New Socialism),具備了 sharing, cooperation, collaboration, and collectivism 的特色, 如下: Power distributed among ad hoc participants Unlimited, free cloud computing Volunteer group work a la Wikipedia Sharing protected by Creative Commons Real-time Twitter and RSS feeds Passionate opinions on the Huffington Post

The phenomenal expansion of the Global Middle Class

The New Global Middle Class: Potentially Profitable -- but Also Unpredictable [Wharton 080709

2 billion new people may join global middle class by 2030: Goldman Sachs [Economic Times 080709

The new middle classes in emerging markets: Burgeoning bourgeoisie [Economist 090212

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