Ilya Pirogov

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Ilya Pirogov by Mind Map: Ilya Pirogov

1. Skills

1.1. Languages

1.1.1. with commercial code Javascript ReactJS Typescript MeteorJS HTML5 NodeJS Redux AngularJS ExtJS ... Python Django Bottle Asyncio Twisted PL/Python Cython Golang Parallel Execution High Stability ARM PHP Wordpress Almost everything else C# WPF Mono Shell Scripts Bash PowerShell Perl

1.1.2. without commercial code Kotlin Lua Java Forth C

1.2. DevOps

1.2.1. Docker Development Deploy

1.2.2. AWS EC2 Elastic Beanstalk Opworks Lambda Many other

1.3. UI/UX

1.4. Linux

1.4.1. Gentoo

1.4.2. ...and all other

1.5. Windows

1.5.1. Visual Studio

1.5.2. PowerShell

2. Past Experience

2.1. Startups

2.1.1. Wikidom Realty Techs Amazon Services Python 3 JavaScript Postgres Nginx UX 2 Years

2.2. Medium Companies

2.2.1. Arsis Enterprice Softwate doXtream Techs C# WPF MSSQL WinForms Transport Protocols Debbuging Tools 2 Years

2.2.2. ThoughtLeadr Native Advertising Platform High Availability High Load Techs Javascript Typescript Python HTML 5 Media VAST/VPAID 3 Years

2.3. Large Companies

2.3.1. Wamba Dating service Highload ...over 200 000 users online SMS Billing Monamour Techs PHP MySQL JavaScipt 2 Years

2.3.2. Iponweb User Interfaces APIs Techs Python 3 JavaScript Twitter Bootstrap 3 years

2.4. Upwork

2.4.1. Misc

3. Honesty

3.1. I try to be honest always

3.1.1. with self

3.1.2. and other

4. Personal qualities

4.1. Inquisitive mind

4.2. Spacious mind

4.3. Introvert

4.4. Communicable

4.4.1. Chiefs

4.4.2. Colleagues

4.4.3. Clients

4.4.4. Buisnes partners

4.5. Modesty

5. Professional qualities

5.1. Strong

5.1.1. to think Precisely to choose and use correct tools Languages and Platforms Librares Development Tools Debugging Tools to find and fix bugs within a reasonable time to develop architecture to analyse

5.1.2. to read Sources in any languages Documentaions

5.1.3. to write Code Neatly Modularly in different paradigms Tests Modular Functional

5.1.4. to learn new programming languages new paradigms new technologies and all remaining

5.2. Weak

5.2.1. to manage People Projects

5.3. Perfectionism

5.3.1. Just a little