Creativity - Left to Right Brain Theory

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Creativity - Left to Right Brain Theory by Mind Map: Creativity - Left to Right Brain Theory

1. 6. "Aha !" Synergy Realisation

1.1. left brain & right brain are aligned

1.2. sense of flow, rightness, peace, heightened awareness as the brain is in a calm and clear state

2. 1. Immersion

2.1. willingly engaging in a new situation, often without knowing that one is stepping into the unknown

2.2. we could live in immersion all the time and yet we usually dissociate and shut out the immediacy of life (until there is a crisis)


3. 2. Perculation & Chaos

3.1. the right brain is driven to 'experience' & 'reexperiencing', enjoying richness and diversity.

3.2. complex connections are being made in the right brain

3.3. the left brain experiences chaos as the right and left brain are unable to come to any conclusion that assimilates the new information

3.4. requires TRUST and PATIENCE

4. 5. Theories

4.1. theories are created and tested based on right brain "big pictures" and left brain scientific experimentation and sequencing.

5. 3. Inklings

5.1. the right brain is starting to develop a big picture and an understanding of the whole (gestalt).

5.2. the left brain receives inklings from the right brain. A sense of completion, wholeness and rightness.

6. 4. Cognitive Imperative

6.1. (premature analysis without the "big picture" leads to polarised unevolved thinking)

6.2. the left brain is driven forward, pulled towards the possible, to understand in a linear and language based form that can be structured and replicated.

6.3. Andrew Newbery - Cognitive Imperative

6.4. Andrew Cohen - Evolutionary Impulse - "The pull of the possible"

7. 7. Enlightened Action