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Personal Learning Network by Mind Map: Personal
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Personal Learning Network


Gardener's Story


PLN Beginning -

Future Skills -

Fugure Skills Wiki -

Social Networking Wiki -


Connecting/ Conversation


Blogs, 2 Cents Worth -, Professional Blogging,,,,,, Classroom Blogging,,,, (campus),, Finding Bloggers to Read, Bloggers to Learn From -, Links to School Bloggers -, Top 100 Education Bloggers -, Education Blogs by Discipline -, Bloggers I Read Every Day -, Blog Rolls

MicroBlogging, Twitter -, Other Services,,, Edmodo -, Finding Tweople, Collaborative Listing -, Mr. Twitter -

Social Networks, Facebook, Nings, Ning -, Classroom 2.0 -, Library 2.0 -

Virtual Worlds, Second Life -, ISTE Island SLURL -

Share Connectors

Delicious -

Flickr -

YouTube -

Communities of Practice

People started posting High Dynamic Range photographs on Flickr

People started seeing the photos posted on Flickr and asked, "How did you do that?"

Photographers so pleased to be noticed & asked, would create amazing tutorials.

Collaborative Tools

Wikis, Wikis in Plain English -, Literacy on Fire -, Wiki Services,,,

Google Docs, Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation

Mining the Conversation

Blog Search

Google Blog Search -

Technorati -

Others, Bloglines -, BlogScope -, IceRocket -

Twitter Search

Twitter Search -

Pyramid Story -

Searching Social Bookmarks

Delicious -

Social Media

Flickr, Flickr -, Flickr Creative Commons -, Flickr Tags - (tag name)

YouTube, YouTube -, YouTube Fast Search -

Capturing the Conversation

What is RSS -

Netvibes Demo -

Many RSS Feed Readers -

10 Ways to Keep Your PLN from Running Amok -

Mapping the Conversation (Mostly Eye Candy)


What Does the Internet Think? -

Web Pages as Graphs -

Network Visualization

Top Twitter Friends -

Twittearth -


BlogPulse -

Trendistic -

Digg Labs -

Tag Clouds

TagCrowd -

Wordle -

TwitterSheep -

Twitscoop -

Flickr Tags -

Pure Eye Candy

Twitter Map Inauguration -

Twitter Map Superbowl -

Tag Galaxy -

TED Talks Orb -