House renovation

Renovating an entire house is a lot of work and it can be quite difficult to keep track of the schedule, the budget and all the big and small tasks involved. A mind map can help to plan and organize the renovation and keep track of the progress.

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House renovation by Mind Map: House renovation

1. To-do list

1.1. Decide on color schemes

1.1.1. Bedroom brown, beige

1.1.2. Bathroom white, dark blue

1.1.3. Kitchen white, red

1.1.4. Living room green, dark brown, yellow highlights

1.2. Get building permit

1.3. Order new kitchen

1.4. Buy wallpaper for second floor

1.5. Inform neighbours

2. Open Questions

2.1. How much more would the induction stove cost?

2.2. How much energy will the new insulation save me?

2.3. Will there be enough light in the study?

2.4. Bathroom

2.4.1. Bath tub or shower?

3. Expenses

3.1. Architect

3.2. Rented equipment

3.3. Workers

3.3.1. Floor tiler

3.3.2. Painter

3.3.3. Roofer

3.3.4. Plumber

3.3.5. Electrician

3.3.6. Mason

3.3.7. Carpenter

3.4. Construction material

3.5. Interior

4. Schedule

4.1. Roof

4.2. Second floor

4.3. First floor

4.4. Basement