Model Storming

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Model Storming by Mind Map: Model Storming

1. Foundations

1.1. Getting to Yes

1.1.1. Actively working to avoid adversarial positions

1.2. Agile Software Development the cooperative game

1.2.1. information radiators

1.2.2. Efficient comunication

1.2.3. Face-to-face conversation mediated by a tool

1.3. Visual Meetings

1.3.1. provide a concrete artifact for understanding

1.3.2. have everybody's ideas displayed

1.4. Agile Modeling

1.5. Cynefin Framework

2. Influencers

2.1. Jurgen Appelo

2.1.1. "Just do it, dude" attitude.

2.2. Olaf Lewitz

2.3. Jeff Patton

2.3.1. Story Mapping

2.4. Esther Derby

2.4.1. Agile Retrospectives

2.5. Dave Gray

2.5.1. Game Storming Simple rules managing divergence & convergence

3. Event Storming

3.1. Influencers

3.1.1. Greg Young Event Sourcing Lambda vs Pi calculus CQRS Model affinity Domain Events

3.1.2. Dan North Deliberate discovery Behavior Driven Development

3.1.3. Gojko Adzic Bridging the communication gap Specification Workshops Specification by Example

3.1.4. Udi Dahan Collaborative discovery of Bounded Contexts

3.1.5. Eric Evans Domain-Driven Design Bounded Contexts Aggregates Subdomains Whirlpool Model Brainstorming tips

4. Modellathlon

4.1. Corey Haines

4.1.1. Coderetreat

5. Principles

5.1. Iterative & Emerging notation

5.2. Enforce parallelism

5.3. Read Body language