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The Tipping Point by Mind Map: The Tipping Point
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The Tipping Point


Hush Puppies

Soho, Sucess, 1995 430,000 pairs sold, Every mall in America, 1996 Prize for best accessory

Innovators, Trend setters, Connecters, Designer Joel Fitzgerald, Actor Pee-Wee Herman, Designer John Bartlett, 20 kids started international trend

New York Crime


Chapter 1

The Three Rules of Epidemics

Baltamore, Syphilis Epidemic, little changes big effect, Crack cocaine, Increase in risky sexual behavior, Massive public housing demolished, Spreading of infected population, Breakdown in medical services, Rapid decrease in clinicians, Patient visits dropped, Drop in field outreach staff, 1995-1996 500% increase in children born with disease

Colorado, Gonorrhea Epidemic, nontransmitters, 168 people started epidemic, Enviroment, 4 neighbourhoods, Socialising in same 6 bars

East St Louis, Missouri, Pool-halls and Ice skating rinks, Darnell "boss man" McGee, 13 and 14 year olds, Infected at least 30 with HIV, Shot by unknown assailant, Slept with at least 100, 80/20 Ratio, Car accidents

Buffelo near NY, 2 year period, Boss man clone, Worked distressed downtown streets of Jamestown, Juggling dozens of women, Infected AIDs, 4 different appartments, Nushawn Williams

NYC, 1964 stabbing, Young Queens woman, Kitty Genovese, Chased by a car, 38 neighbours watched, no-one called police, Attacked 3 times on street, Attack over 1/2 hour period, Bystanders problem

The law of a few, The stickiness factor, The power of context

Chapter 2

The Law of the Few

Connectors, Paul Revere, american revolution, Midnight 19th April, 1775, Boston harbour to lexington, Called 'Midnight ride', Word of Mouth Epidemic, Started by a stable boy, Suprise British with organised resistance, In 2 hours cover 13 miles, Stoped and warned at every town passed, Dawes, Not a natural connector, Silversmith, Connected with every regiment, Roger Hardow, 'collects people like he would collect stamps', Keeps a book of people Birthdays and anniversaries, Happy just to have aqainstances, Natural conversationist, 6 degrees of seperation, surname experiment, Prove if natural connector, Rod Steiger, most connected actor in history, What is a connector, are naturally interested in others, belong to many niches, allow access for other people into new niches, Lois Weisburg, commisioner for cultural affairs, has many different careers, see things in yourself that you dont

Salesmen, persuasive, Skilled, builds trust quickly, likable, charming, case study of news readers and polical influence, Tom Gau, small and suble action are more persuasive, case study of Yawning, communication test, ability to send emotions, test on students, asked to do certain movement while listening on a debate of tuition fees, resulted in influence over opinion, rythmic body language, emotions are outside in

Marvens, gathers information, networks to pass on information, wants to help people, Mark Albert, quoted as unselfish, economist, Linda Price, marketing professor, pioneer in Maven research, univeristy of Nebraska, interviews marvens, case study, coffee bean buyer, Hotel information

Innovators, trend starters, different, goes between differnt niches

tranlators, make something usable, make something more mainstream, apply their own take to something, Take information from a specailist world and simplify for the rest of the population

sources, David Hackett Fischer , Paul Revere's Ride, Stanley Milgram, The Small World Problem, Carol Werner and Pat Parmelee, Similarity of activity preferences among friends:those who play together stay together,, Mark Granovetter, getting a job, J. Jeffrey Inman, Leigh McAlister and Wayne D. Hoyer, promition signal: proxy for a price cut?, Linda Price and collegages, the market maven: a diffuser of marketplace information. types and amount of word of mouth coomunications about retailers. everyday market helping behavior., Brian Mullen, newcasters' facial expressions and voting behavior: can a smile elect a president?, Gary Wells and Richard Petty, the effects of overt head movements on persuasion, Willian Condom, cultural microrhythms, Hatfield, Cacioppo and Rapson, emotional contagion, Howard Friedman, understanding and assessing nonverbal expressions. effect of individual differnces in nonverbal expressiveness on transmittion of emotion.

Chapter 3

Stickness factor

seseme street, attention of children, 3 mins long, kids dont pay attention to things they dont understand, mixed fantasy and reality to engage kids, distracted by muppets, for adults to watch to, adult humour puns, children did not understand language, educate children, educate deprived areas so they had an advantage before pre-school, Joan Gantz Cooney started it

Blues clues, repeated 5 times a week, watched monday-wednesday, got bored on thursday, watched on friday, repition is good for learning, for children only, longer attention span, good interaction, better for learning, no confusion or hype, simple language, Clarify meanings by repition

advertising, Columbia Record Club, gold box, interacte the audinece, Winderman

Chapter 4

Power of context

part 1, rise and fall of NY crime, subway, graffiti cleaning, cleaning of subways, 3 day wait, took years to do, reduce crime, safer enviroment, violence on subways, broken window theory, shows lack of authority, no difference if one more window is broken, chain reaction, no respect to surroundings, Avoiding paying, blocking the coin machine, suck up money blocked, police set to catch people who didnt pay, show authority, handcuffed them together on the platform, once had enough pocessed them on police subway carrige, cut arrest time from a day to 1 hour, reduction of petty crime, effected message sent out, 1 in 7 caught fare beating were conficted criminals, reduction of weapons carried, Goetz, normal white man, little circumstances, got beaten previous by a group of balck men, 4 men tried to harass him, he pulled out gun he bought days earlier, shot 4 guys, all balck men had a criminal history, all carrying weapons, didnt turn himself in for a week, seen as a hero, needles, 2 vans twice a week, exchange dirty needles for clean, dealers brought 100s of needles to exchange, 1st seen as a problem, the realised that this means it when and where drugs were being taken, sold clean needdles for $1, reduce HIV amd other diseases, Change of attitude, before terrifying atmoshpere fight or flee, case study, cell block experiment

Chapter 5

power of context

part 2, the magic number 150, ya-ya sisterhood, Rebecca Wells, book clubs, appealed to all ages of female, social experience, word of mouth, Sucess, 1st sold 15,000 copies, came out in paper back, 1st edition 18,000 copies sold out in months, by summer 30,000 copies sold, Dunbar, Gore Associates, If firm gets bigger then 150 people they split in into 2, everyone equal, no one has bigger offices, work because you want to, working to impress, so people social, know people by name, accountants know enginenerrs, if have problem go to a friend that will know, humans can only know 150 for a genunine social experience

Chapter 6

case study

rumors, sneakers, power of translation, airwalk shoes, innovators pick up on trend, translators make a trend adaptable, becomes popular, mainstream, loses its original customers, became a fashion statement, was only sold in boutiques orginally, made for skate boarding

Chapter 7

case study

suicide, smoking and the search for the unsticky cigarette, suicide, small town, Micronesian, new people come, 1 commits suicide, slowly suicide becomes more acceptable, becomes a trend, 13 year old tried it out for fun, no previous record of suicide, teenage males, vunerable to suggestion, David Phillips, smoking, teenage, law against selling to teens, adverts for dangers of smoking, made them want to try it, seen as glamourous, salesmans starts them smoking, liked it the 1st time they smoked, become full time smokers, higher sex drive, smoking - artifical passion


focus, test and believe

beauty salon

coverall look back at chapters