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numuseum thoughts by Mind Map: numuseum thoughts
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numuseum thoughts

numuseum is a webart website by media artist Danielle Roberts. She's planning to integrate mindmaps into her website. Feel free to visit

Look inside the brain


link collections

make all-in-one tool to add data to different parts of numuseum

lifeLine (micro diary)

numuseum should become more of a mashup




Twitter or maybe just lifeLine if I can manage to update it with SMS...

something like Bliin

New work

Feature film of myself using only security camera's (a day in the life...)

I wonder if I can get access to and use this footish wich has me on it. I should be entitled to it but I know, the cam has the power...

Maybe I can get a discount for the Mindsurfer and measure my brain while doing ordinairy stuff record that stuff and show it together

Swear machine

send 4-letter words to friends and fows. must adapt interface and implement in numuseum

New interface


the universe is connected. Flickr photo's and ActionScript

lifeLine cloud view

some scripting done by Wiliam, must build the whole flash piece


finished as standalone piece, must adapt interface and implement in numuseum

Dead ubrella's


Drink black ink

every time you breath a drop falls on a well known text


Show portraits from Flickr to practice forgiving.

Interactive flock of magpies

When I walked about 10 magpies flew away, creating a beautiful patern

numuseum input

on or offline app to insert new data for the numuseum interface. Should work with PDA browser aswell.


Energy level

Innner peace


Photograph (Flickr)

Thought (Mindmeister)

Show top nodes, choose one to insert an idea



ZuidAs urban screen