numuseum thoughts

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numuseum thoughts by Mind Map: numuseum thoughts

1. New work

1.1. Feature film of myself using only security camera's (a day in the life...)

1.2. Maybe I can get a discount for the Mindsurfer and measure my brain while doing ordinairy stuff record that stuff and show it together

1.3. Swear machine

1.4. New interface

1.5. Indra

1.6. lifeLine cloud view

1.7. lovescape

1.8. Dead ubrella's

1.9. (g)een

1.10. Drink black ink

1.11. Forgiving

1.12. Interactive flock of magpies

2. numuseum input

2.1. Mood

2.2. Energy level

2.3. Innner peace

2.4. lifeLine

2.5. Photograph (Flickr)

2.6. Thought (Mindmeister)

2.7. Stress

3. Opportunities

3.1. ZuidAs urban screen

4. Look inside the brain

4.1. mindmap

4.2. link collections

4.3. make all-in-one tool to add data to different parts of numuseum

4.4. lifeLine (micro diary)

5. numuseum should become more of a mashup

5.1. flickr

5.2. delicious

5.3. mindmeister

5.3.1. use API to make my own tool to add content also from PDA

5.3.2. show map

5.4. Twitter or maybe just lifeLine if I can manage to update it with SMS...

5.5. something like Bliin