Miss Honey

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Miss Honey by Mind Map: Miss Honey

1. Movement: “At this point, Matilda noticed that Miss Honey’s face had gone all tight and peculiar-looking. Her whole body had become rigid. Her shoulders were hunched up high and her lips were pressed together tight as she sat there gripping her mug of tea in both hands” (p. 187).

1.1. This tells us that she feels a strong sense of defeat and embarassment.

2. Name: I think this character is called Miss Honey because honey is sweet.

2.1. Miss Honey’s name makes us feel like she might be exactly like her name, i.e. sweet/kind to others.

3. Physical qualities: “She had a lovely oval Madonna face with blue eyes and her hair was light-brown. Her body was so slim and fragile one got the feeling that if she fell over she would smash into a thousand pieces, like a porcelain figure” (p. 60).

3.1. This tells us that Miss Honey may not be physically strong. However, it also makes us wonder/feel like Miss Honey might not be emotionally strong as well.

4. Physical appearance: She is quite young and dresses like a teacher.

4.1. This makes me us feel like Miss Honey is well suited to teaching small children because her appearance/facial expression would put them at ease.

5. Personality: “She seemed to understand totally the bewilderment and fear that so often overwhelm young children… Some curious warmth that was almost tangible shone out of Miss Honey’s face when she spoke to a confused and homesick newcomer to the class” (p. 62).

5.1. She is caring and understanding; she might also have a hidden reason for understanding their fear.

6. Behaviour: • Miss Honey treats everyone with respect and tries to get the best out of her students. • Miss Honey tells the students, “Never argue with her. Never answer her back. Always do as she says” (p. 63).

6.1. This tells us that Miss Honey tries to avoid conflict and doesn’t feel that she has the resources/confidence to confront Miss Trunchbull head-on. However, meeting Matilda changes all of that.

7. Speech: “Miss Honey was a mild and quiet person who never raised her voice” (p. 60).

7.1. This tells us that Miss Honey respects her students and doesn’t like shouting at them.

8. Closest or most important relationships

8.1. Matilda:She is completely amazed by Matilda’s abilities and also feels like Matilda is extremely mature. At the end of the book, she thinks to herself, “This child… is interested in everything. When one is with her it is impossible to be bored. I love it” (p. 225).

8.2. Miss Trunchbull: Even though Miss Honey tries to stand up to Miss Trunchbull at school, we know that she was “completely dominated by this monster of an aunt” (p. 193).

9. How other characters feel about Miss Honey: “Some curious warmth that was almost tangible shone out of Miss Honey’s face” (p. 61).

9.1. From this quote, it’s obvious that Miss Honey is much loved and respected by her students.

10. Home life: Miss Honey lives alone in a very small and isolated home. The author describes Miss Honey’s sitting-room as “small and square and bare as a prison cell” (p. 184). We also learn that Miss Honey doesn’t have proper facilities (e.g. running water) or food.

10.1. This tells us that Miss Honey either doesn’t care about material things, or she has met with some hardship. We also get the impression that she is quite lonely.

11. Character role: Miss Honey tries to stop the students from getting into trouble and also tries to do the right thing by Matilda. “I am going do something about this child, she told herself” (p. 83).

11.1. • Just like Matilda tries to protect Miss Honey, Miss Honey can be seen as a protector. She is extremely nurturing, like the type of parents Mr and Mrs Wormwood should have been.