2 Years Sucess Plan

Plan your life and the next important steps and goals to proceed with a happy life

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2 Years Sucess Plan by Mind Map: 2 Years Sucess Plan

1. Efforts

1.1. What are my efforts to goal?

1.2. Update Ownself

1.3. Hardwork

1.4. Find Opportunities

2. Links

2.1. How can I make links to get own?

2.2. Make Networks with Experts in own field/Company

2.3. Linked In/Silicon India

2.4. Keep update Oneself what happening In Market And Industry

3. Career

3.1. How can I achieve bright career in Q/A?

3.2. Training to improve Yourself in Communication Skills

3.3. Certification In New Courses Supports For Q/A

3.4. MCA & MBA(IT/System)

4. Resources

4.1. What new Resources would I use?

4.2. Company Experience

4.3. Learn New Something

5. Plan

5.1. What is in my Plan ?

5.2. Experience

5.3. Improvement To Success

5.4. Get High Position In Q/A Field

5.5. SAP-A.B.A.P.

6. Inputs

6.1. What i have got?

6.2. How Much I Have Learnt ?

6.3. How much efforts are needed ?

6.4. How successful i am ?