My Balanced Diet - Week 34 -

This is an example mind map of a weekly diet planner. It includes a grocery list as well as a detailed meal plan for the entire week. A map like this can help you plan your diet in advance, lose weight and save money.

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My Balanced Diet - Week 34 - by Mind Map: My Balanced Diet - Week 34 -

1. Description

1.1. I use this map to plan in advance what I will eat the following week

1.2. This way I know exactly what to buy at the grocery store at the beginning of the week

1.3. It helps me keep a balanced diet and I'm less likely to throw away surplus goods, because I know the quantities I need up front

2. Grocery list

2.1. Market

2.1.1. Fruits Cantaloupe melon Pineapple Oranges Carrots Grupefruit Apples Apricots Plums Leak Strawberries Bananas Mango Avocado Tomatos Strawberries Figs Cherries

2.1.2. Vegetables Green Salad Cucumber Kale Squash Winter greens Black beans Rhubarb

2.1.3. Meat and fish Shrimp Sirloin steak Scallops

2.2. Grocery store

2.2.1. Oatmeal

2.2.2. Chedar

2.2.3. Rice

2.2.4. Chocolate

2.2.5. Tofu

2.2.6. Penne

2.2.7. Eggs

2.2.8. Cereal

2.2.9. Skim milk

2.2.10. Goat cheese

2.2.11. Tempeh

2.2.12. Peppercorn

2.2.13. Toast

2.2.14. Crisp bread

2.2.15. Brown bread

2.2.16. Yogurt

3. Meal plan

3.1. Monday

3.1.1. Breakfast Cheerios cereal with skim milk 1 Orange

3.1.2. Snack Cantaloupe Melon

3.1.3. Lunch Fresh Pineapple Turkey & Lettuce Wraps

3.1.4. Snack Carrot sticks with cottage cheese

3.1.5. Dinner London broil with cherry-balsamic sauce Brown rice Mixed salad

3.2. Tuesday

3.2.1. Breakfast Scrambled eggs 1/2 Grapefruit Toasted brown bread

3.2.2. Snack 1 Apple

3.2.3. Lunch Shrimp cobb salad Apricot

3.2.4. Snack Vanilla yogurt

3.2.5. Dinner Steamed potatoes Steamed leak Pork Loin Strawberries

3.3. Wednesday

3.3.1. Breakfast Slices of cucumber and tomatoes Crisp bread with fresh cheese

3.3.2. Snack Grapes

3.3.3. Lunch Black Bean Croquettes with Fresh Salsa

3.3.4. Snack Lemon yogurt

3.3.5. Dinner Grilled Sirloin with a Coffee Bean-Peppercorn Crust Green salad

3.4. Thursday

3.4.1. Breakfast Cereal with skim milk Strawberries

3.4.2. Snack 1 Pear

3.4.3. Lunch Sesame-Honey Tempeh & Quinoa Bowl Mixed salad

3.4.4. Snack Watermelon

3.4.5. Dinner Curry Scallops & Cilantro Rice Avocado salad

3.5. Friday

3.5.1. Breakfast Honey- and goat cheese-filled fig muffins Fresh orange juice

3.5.2. Snack Citrus berry smoothie

3.5.3. Lunch Rice, Cheddar & Spinach Pie Carrot juice Mixed salad

3.5.4. Snack Double chocolate brownies

3.5.5. Dinner Bean Burgers with Spicy Guacamole

3.6. Saturday

3.6.1. Breakfast Oatmeal-Rhubarb Porridge

3.6.2. Snack 1 Banana

3.6.3. Lunch Delicata squash & tofu curry Strawberries

3.6.4. Snack Plum

3.6.5. Dinner Penne with braised squash and greens

3.7. Sunday

3.7.1. Breakfast Scrambled eggs 1 Tomato Toast

3.7.2. Snack 1 Apple

3.7.3. Lunch Indian-spiced kale & chickpeas Half a mango

3.7.4. Snack Cherry tart

3.7.5. Dinner Bold winter greens salad