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Industrialists by Mind Map: Industrialists

1. Andrew Carnegie help improve the workforce by by creating the steel industry.

2. Cornelius Vanderbilt help improve the workforce or other conditions in America because today there are a lot more railroads railroads all because he was the first one that made the railroad

3. In what ways did your industrialist improve the workforce or other conditions in America?

4. Andrew Carnegie was the richest man because he came up with the steel industry but he had to sell his business because he had to donate to make up for his greed and corruption.

5. How much money does an industralist have to donate in order to make up for greed and corruption

5.1. Cornelius Vanderbilt has about 10,000 to donate for greed and corruption he has this much money to donate because he built railroads.

6. Wich industrialists was worse?

7. Andrew Carnegie was worse because he was not helping the people by not having reasonably priced iron.