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Adam Fox's Teaching Philosophy by Mind Map: Adam Fox's  Teaching Philosophy
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Adam Fox's Teaching Philosophy

My Interests

Project Based Learning

Blended Learning

Digital Literacy

Arts Integration

Assessment to Inform Teaching

Mr. Fox's PInterest Interest Boards

My Role

Model Learner


Learning Concierge



My Students

Have Autonomy Over Their Learning

Engage in Project Based Learning

Create Authentic Products for Real Audiences

Interact With Other Learners Around The Globe

Understand Science Connects With All Subjects

My Beliefs

Choice is motivating

Content depth over breadth

Curiosity is the root of learning

Sharing and reflecting is critical to learning

Scientific Literacy = Educated Participant in Society

My Influences

Will Richardson

Yong Zhao

Brain Pickings




Daniel Pink: Drive / A Whole New Mind

High Tech High

My Thoughts

FOXTAIL Blog: My Professional Reflection Spot

I Am Still Learning Blog: Modeling my learning as a teaching tool.

Twitter: @adamfox711