Planning your lesson for Business Continuity Readiness (BCR)

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Planning your lesson for Business Continuity Readiness (BCR) by Mind Map: Planning your lesson for Business Continuity Readiness (BCR)

1. Can I use non-Blackboard tools?

1.1. Yes

1.2. Considerations

1.2.1. Tracking Attendance? Participation marks? Evidence of learning Bb: official log of activities audit

1.2.2. Backup Blackboard will be backed up by CC

1.3. Suggestions

1.3.1. Use Blackboard as the launching site

1.3.2. Students to post their assignments etc on Blackboard

2. Manage the Learning

2.1. Organisation

2.1.1. Instructions to students Clear 'timetable' Deliverables Deadlines Platform

2.1.2. Have everything in one place

2.2. Workload of students

2.2.1. Estimate the amount of time required

2.2.2. Consider group projects carefully

2.2.3. Coordinate with other lecturers in same level Have a variety of learning activities mixture of individual and group projects synchronous and asynchronous

2.3. Use of tools

2.3.1. familiarise students with tools BEFORE BCR

2.3.2. downloading and accessing

2.3.3. if possible, use in class beforehand

2.3.4. Tip - Collaborate - open the session 15-30 minutes in advance

3. Choose your tools

3.1. Content Delivery

3.1.1. Synchronous Bb Collaborate

3.1.2. Asynchronous Post up Notes Powerpoint slides Links to Websites Videos Podcasts (audio) Bb Learning Modules Learning Package

3.2. Learning Materials

3.2.1. Youtube

3.2.2. Free web materials

3.2.3. Paid web materials

3.3. Student activities

3.3.1. Learning by Doing Assignments Projects Quizzes Bb Tests

3.3.2. Learning by Collaborating Bb Wikis Bb Blogs

3.3.3. Learning by Exploring

3.3.4. Learning by Reflecting Bb Journals Bb Blogs

4. What about a REAL emergency?

4.1. Immediate - Blackboard Collaborate for lectures to continue lectures

4.2. Possible to use lesson prepared for BCR?

4.2.1. gives lead time to prepare for other topics


6. How were your previous experiences with 'e-learning week'?

7. What do students say?

7.1. e-learning week is a holiday week

7.2. lecturer repeats the lesson the next week

7.3. too many projects

7.4. have to come to school anyway

8. Business Continuity Readiness (BCR)

8.1. What is BCR?

8.1.1. formerly known as e-learning week

8.2. Why the change?

8.2.1. For many students, e-learning = e-learning week

8.2.2. want to delink e-learning week and e-learning

8.3. What is e-learning?

8.3.1. technology-enhanced learning

8.4. BCR (Learning) SOP

8.4.1. SOP for Teaching and Learning Continuity

8.4.2. Blackboard is the official platform

8.4.3. Test out operational readiness

9. Designing your e-lesson

9.1. Online lessons vs face to face lessons - what's the difference?

9.1.1. What do you lose in online lessons? immediate feedback body language

9.1.2. What could you gain in online lessons? students may have to be more active could allow for more participation

9.2. 4 steps of Lesson Design

9.2.1. What are your Learning Objectives?

9.2.2. What is the Content to be learnt?

9.2.3. What Learning Activities will your students do? individual activities group activities

9.2.4. Formative assessment: Have the students learnt? graded projects assignments ungraded Informal assessment quizzes

9.3. Decisions

9.3.1. Synchronous, asynchronous or both? synchronous real time virtual lesson asynchronous anytime, anywhere

9.3.2. Choice of topics according to the teaching plan? standalone topic?

9.4. Prepare your lesson plan

9.4.1. chunk your lesson

9.4.2. estimate the time required by students

10. Blackboard Tools

10.1. Collaborate

10.1.1. virtual lecture

10.1.2. synchronous tool

10.1.3. pre-record lectures

10.2. Wiki

10.2.1. Students collaborate to build body of information

10.2.2. note: only 1 student can edit at one time

10.3. Blog

10.4. Discussion Board

10.5. Tests and Surveys

10.5.1. Quizzes for formative assessment

10.5.2. surveys for feedback

10.6. Journals

10.6.1. Can be used for reflections or feedback

10.6.2. Can be private between student and tutor

10.7. Learning Modules

10.7.1. Learning package

10.7.2. puts it all together