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After by Mind Map: After

1. School Violence

1.1. Columbine is reference

1.2. A nearby school shooting at Pleasant Valley, where several students and teachers were killed.

1.3. Students are used to it. When pleasant Valley occurs, students are surprised, but not as shocked or horrified as one would expect.

1.4. Different Kinds of Violence

1.4.1. Psychic Quelling all student and teacher dissent is a form of violence.

1.4.2. Physical

2. School Rules

2.1. New dress code precludes students from wearing any red.

2.2. Disobeying dealt with harshly.

3. Totalitarian Regime

3.1. The Grief Counselor takes over

3.2. "Readjustment Camps"

3.3. Freedoms slowly eroded

3.3.1. Stalin

3.4. Censorship

3.4.1. Catcher in the Rye

4. Fear

4.1. Used to justify actions

4.1.1. Rules necessary to avoid another Pleasant Valley.

4.2. Intimidation

4.2.1. Teachers fear for their jobs.

5. E-mail

5.1. Spread fear and brainwash parents

5.2. Propaganda

6. Drug Use

6.1. Marijuana

6.2. Athlete Drug Testing

7. Parent/Child Relations

7.1. Trust

7.2. Will parents believe their children

8. Death

8.1. Parent's Death

8.2. Student deaths in camps

8.3. Teachers and students in shootings.