VPEC-T on news reporting

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VPEC-T on news reporting by Mind Map: VPEC-T on news reporting

1. Value

1.1. To the media owners

1.1.1. sell something to readers paper subscription web subscription

1.1.2. Sell to advertisers Advertising space demographic information tracking readers' interests

1.2. To the journalists and editors

1.2.1. Income

1.2.2. Job satisfaction

1.2.3. Fame later perhaps notoriety

1.3. To the supporting staff

1.3.1. Income

1.3.2. Job satisfaction

1.4. To the reader

1.4.1. Entertainment or at least distraction Where can I go tonight What do I want that I didn't know I wanted

1.4.2. Information Matters of public concern What's happening Where can I buy X Lifestyle Medical Educational

1.5. To those in the news

1.5.1. Publicity For their commercial activities For their cause May damage them Exascerbated by

2. Policy

2.1. Used to be

2.1.1. "At least two reliable sources before publication"

2.1.2. "Don't copy without attribution or we'll get sued"

2.2. Now

2.2.1. Some follow old policies

2.2.2. Question whether most do Explosion in number of news sources Makes it impractical to track all copied material and copiers Search engines changed the game Some news organizations threatening action to attempt to change at least this part back SEs give only brief summary and link to source

3. Events

3.1. The bread and butter of news reporting

3.1.1. even if they didn't happen

3.1.2. or did not happen as reported

3.2. World or local events

3.3. publish a story

3.3.1. may lead to a cascade of republishing without reward to the original publisher

4. Content

4.1. Write it

4.1.1. re-edit for quality

4.1.2. speed first

4.2. Copy it

4.2.1. with attribution

4.2.2. with permission

4.2.3. plagiarize

4.3. Link to it

4.3.1. Report someone else's item

4.4. Make it up

4.5. Re-cycle it

4.6. Verify it

4.6.1. or not

4.7. Publish it

4.7.1. Print Bleeding readers and subscribers fast

4.7.2. Radio 'rebroadcast' as podcasts

4.7.3. TV Bleeding viewers

4.7.4. Web Pages embedded video RSS Social media Twitter Stand alone podcasts

4.7.5. Podcasts

4.7.6. Subscribe Push RSS

4.7.7. Search Pull

5. Trust

5.1. Reader: Is news from this source usually reliable?

5.1.1. Yes: I trust it

5.1.2. No: forget it

5.1.3. No: But it's entertaining so I'll read it anyway

5.2. Journalists and editors: Is news from this source usually reliable?

5.2.1. Yes: I trust it

5.2.2. No: forget it

5.2.3. No: But it's entertaining so we'll publish anyway


6.1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VPEC-T

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