Expert Meister's Map

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Expert Meister's Map by Mind Map: Expert Meister's Map

1. Master Motivators

1.1. Inspire students to try their best

2. Make Lesson Plans

2.1. Organize Activities

3. Plan for the Needs of Each Student

3.1. Write IEPs

3.1.1. Behavior Intervention Plans

4. Making a Difference

4.1. Help Students Be Successful

4.2. Provide Support

5. Teach Social Skills for Daily Living

5.1. Potty Duty

5.2. Bus/Car-Rider and Cafeteria Duty

6. Collaborate!

6.1. Ask other teachers for help

7. Contact social services

7.1. Determine if Abused

8. Meet with parents

8.1. Encourage and educate parents/familes

9. Graduate School

9.1. Take Classes for Relicensure

9.2. Attend workshops to advance their learning