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C=CIVIL, V=VENT., E+M=MECHANICS SAFETY ASPECTS by Mind Map: C=CIVIL,                                                          V=VENT.,                                                      E+M=MECHANICS                                                                                SAFETY                                        ASPECTS

1. Risk assessment of safety aspects => Priorities

1.1. Task list of safety aspects

2. V Inspection/Advice of ventilation regulation in case of fire

3. E+M Advice of cable fire protection and inspection of installations

4. C Tunnel/Surface inspection, monitoring after 6th Dec.

5. E+M Commissioning services

6. V Inspection/Advice of installation of dividing walls + escape doors

6.1. marking

6.2. lighting

6.3. alert system

6.4. loud speakers

7. V Inspection of ventilation system

8. V Inspection/Advice of smoke recirculation at the portals

9. E+M Redundant power supply and back up emergency power

10. V Rescue procedures in case of accident/emerg. guidelines, designed by Pöyry