The Fault In Our Stars

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The Fault In Our Stars by Mind Map: The Fault In Our Stars

1. Characters

1.1. Augustus Waters

1.1.1. Very friendly

1.1.2. Used to have cancer in leg

1.1.3. He got his leg removed

1.1.4. Very handsome

1.1.5. Not shy, but very outgoing

1.1.6. Very brave

1.1.7. Meets Hazel at a cancer church meeting

1.1.8. Meets through friend Issac

1.1.9. Loves zombie books

1.1.10. Nickname is "Gus"

1.2. Hazel Grace Lancaster

1.2.1. Cancer patient

1.2.2. Cancer is terminal

1.2.3. Very quiet

1.2.4. Goes to a cancer church meeting

1.2.5. Doesn't have many friends

1.2.6. Doesn't like to hang out with many people

1.2.7. More of an inside person

1.2.8. Favorite book is An Imperial Affliction

1.2.9. Brown hair

1.3. Issac

1.3.1. Mutual friends with Hazel and Gus

1.3.2. Has cancer in his eye

1.3.3. Blind in both eyes

1.3.4. Had to get surgery, not he has no sign of cancer