Data Analysis Tools (Group A1)

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Data Analysis Tools (Group A1) by Mind Map: Data Analysis Tools  (Group A1)

1. Category 1

1.1. Mean

1.1.1. No outlier in data, so this is a good choice for us.

1.2. Mode

1.2.1. This only gives us the value in the 'middle' position.

1.3. Median

1.3.1. This only gives us the most 'popular' data.

1.4. All these three are called 'averages'.

2. Category 2

2.1. Standard deviation

2.1.1. No outliers in our data, so we choose to use this.

2.2. Range and percentile

2.2.1. Information is not as precise as standard deviation

2.3. Quartiles and interquartile range

2.3.1. Information is not as precise as standard deviation

2.4. These are called modes of spread.

3. Category 3

3.1. Cumulative frequency diagram

3.1.1. Can draw easily from the table of values we have created, so this is our choice.

3.2. Box-and-whisker diagram

3.2.1. We did not use median and quartiles in our study, so this is not our choice, since we do not have enough infomation to plot such a diagram.

3.3. These are called statistical diagrams.