Desktop Project

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Desktop Project by Mind Map: Desktop Project

1. What To Include

1.1. Do's

1.1.1. Attractive colours/designs.

1.1.2. Shipley College Logo.

1.1.3. Appropriate links associated with media courses or learning sites.

1.1.4. Encouraging words to make a learner concentrate.

1.1.5. Style, everything neat and not messed around.

1.1.6. Make sure everything is spaced out correctly.

1.1.7. Include two links from the student charter. Get Let Out On Time Treated Maturely

1.2. Dont's

1.2.1. Anything offensive.

1.2.2. Images of weapons.

1.2.3. Swearing.

1.2.4. Inappropriate websites.

2. Themes

2.1. Media based, something that will attract the age group and their interest so images media related

2.2. Not many colours but something that will be attractive so red black and white and blue maybe as it matches the college logo.

2.3. Text to be clear and correct with spelling and grammar, has to be understandable.

3. Target Audience

3.1. Older teenagers (16-19 year olds).

3.2. Media students.