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2010 Story Board by Mind Map: 2010 Story Board
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2010 Story Board

Holy is the lord Pour my love Overcome

Depravity of Sin Oct 10

happy day your grace is enough saving one desert song rescue I surrender (old school)

Spring Semester

Hello My Name is

Jan 3 Mathew 5:13- Salt - Understanding Your Story, Sunday Goals: "Discovering who I am, that I my be the church outside the walls of the church.", Order of service:, Open The Eyes of My Heart Brand New Beautiful The Blood, Fragrant Offering Pure More Than Life, Message:, Who:, File:, Announcements:, Reflective:, Music:, Prayer:, Benediction:, Atmosphere:, Media:, Graphics:, Production:, Special Instructions:, Hospitality:, LifeGroups:, Other:, Family Ministries, Monday Goals: How do we make this walk?

(Family Sunday) Jan 10 Matthew 5:14 - Light :, Sunday Goal: to contemplate on who God is wanting me to be a part of their spiritual journey, Order, Mighty to save First & The Last Open The Eyes of My Heart Holy & Anointed You Are God Alone Here I am to Worship, Special: Sarah Atchley (Prayer), Monday Goal: Take 'good works" action with person discovered in Sunday's lesson

Jan 17 Matthew 5:3 - Humility - how do you do humility?, Sunday Goals, Special Instructions, Family Ministries, Kick Off: Robot Theme, Family Ministries:TLK - Walking with JC/ TLJ - The gospel, Let God Arise-G dave leads Jesus Messiah-G dave leads Better Is One Day-D dave leads I Stand In Awe-Em catherine leads Amazing Love-E matt b leads Stronger-B matt b leads, Monday Goal

* Jan 24 Matthew 5:4 - Mourning With People, Sunday Goals, Order of Service, Brand New Jesus Paid it All I Am Free The More I Seek You Breathe Majesty Maker of Heaven, Monday Goal

Jan 31 Matthew 5:5 - Patient with those you don't connect with.(Personality Types?), Sunday Goals, Order of Service, Sing, Sing, Sing Oh Praise Him Hosanna The Stand, Congregation Survey, Monday Goal

Feb 7 Matthew 5:6 - Righteousness, Sunday Goals, Order of Service, Salvation is Here No Sweeter Name Jesus Paid It All Stronger, Monday Goals

Feb 14 Matthew 5:7 - Vulnerability, Sunday Goals, Order of service, Point of Difference Forever Beautiful The Blood Surrender Yearn/ I Will Worship Hungry, Monday Goals

Feb 21 Matthew 5:8 - MInd of Christ - Value in other people, Sunday Goals, Order of Service, For Who You Are I Adore You Bless The Lord Wrap Me In Your Arms Gaze How Great is Our God, Monday Goals

* Feb 28 Mathew 5:9 - Conflict, Goal, Order, I Am Free Nothing But The Blood Pure From The Inside Out You Are God Alone, Special, Monday Goal

March 7 Matthew 5:10 - Persecution, Goal, Oh praise him Bless the lord Jesus messiah Give us clean hands Alabaster jar

The Joy Experiment

Mar 14 - Source of Joy, The Joy Experiment: "Where do you find joy?" Round Table discussions, Your love is amazing Jesus paid it all In Christ alone I worship First and last, TLK- Kick-Off: Kingdom Tales

Mar 21 - Surprised By Joy (Party), Across the earth Brand new Here I am to worship I exalted thee Mighty to Save, RFKC - Kathy Speaking (5-10 min)

* Mar 28 - Recognizing Joy in a Fallen World, SKYP: Sarah?, Beautiful Holy is the Lord All who are thirsty I will arise Hosanna

Jesus 28 Day Study Series

Apr 4, Evidence of the Resurrection, Series Goal: Personal Participation of the work of Christ (End - Power of the ______ in this moment and throughout the week.), Glorious one Beautiful the blood No sweeter name How He loves us Lead me to the cross You are my king

Apr 11, Incarnation of Christ, Goal, God is Great Your grace is enough Forever Stronger Majesty The stand, TLK: Kick-Off

Apr 18, The Miracles of Christ, Goal: Worship Announcement TLKIDZ / Prayer / Message, Point if Difference Awesome is the Lord Let god arise Alabaster Jar More i seek you Beautiful

Apr 25 - Gina, Parables of Jesus, Goal, Special, Evermore-matt biggie leads Bless the lord-matt biggie leads Jesus paid it all-dave leads I stand in awe of you-catherine More than life-matt biggie leads How great thou art-matt biggie leads, Monday

May 2

Worship & Prayer Service (Scripture guided)

Fall Semester

28 Days & Community Group Series " Paul's 2nd Missionary Journey"

Sept. 12, Indescribable Holy and anointed one Jesus paid it all

Sept. 19, Bless the Lord Wrap me in your arms Your love never fails

Sept 26

Oct. 3, your grace is enough holy and anointed one I adore you

What is Sin - Romans (Anchor text)

Sin's effect in me Oct. 17, Forever No Other Savior Your Name is Higher* Intimacy Hosanna Our God is Greater*

Sin's effect on the Community Oct. 24, everlasting god come thou fount jesus lord of heaven * knees to the earth hungry overcome

The Change from Sin to Righteousness Oct. 31, no sweeter name your love never fails OR Your love is everything* (we'll see how it goes at practice) because of your love alabaster jar you are god alone our god is greater

What is Righteousness

Clothed in Righteous Nov.7

Righteousness' effect in Me Nov. 14

Righteousness' Effect on the Community Nov. 21, Missions highlight


Nov. 28, Ornaments of Thankfulness

Dec. 5, Ornaments of Remembrance

Dec. 12, Ornaments of Decoration

Dec. 19, Ornaments of Anticipation, 10 MIN: Oh Holy Night-Catherine leads What Child is This-Catherine leads Announcements: Membership Application - Deadline January 16th; Next Week Family Sunday 10 MIN Baby Dedication: 2 MIN Video 15 MIN Message 10 MIN - Kids come in - FAMILY SING Silent Night-Catherine leads oh come all ye faithful-aaron leads 15 MIN Communion oh come oh come emmanuel-catherine leads 2 MIN Prayer

Dec. 26, Ornaments of New Beginnings - Dave

Summer Semester

Think Orange - "When church and family collide."

May 9, Mom, Salvation is here Everlasting God Indescribable Pour My Love On You Overcome Stronger

May 16, Singles, Oh Happy day I Adore You Maker Of Heaven I Surrender Fragrant Offering You Are God Alone

May 23 - Pentecost Sunday, God is great Evermore Your love makes me Wrap me in your arms Gaze The stand

(Family Service) May 30 -, Siblings

June 6, Marriage

June 13, Elders, the first and the last/aaron leads everlasting god/aaron leads i adore you/aaron leads stand in awe/catherine leads how he loves/catherine leads pour my love/catherine leads

June 20, Dad, come thou fount-aaron leads oh happy day-aaron leads beautiful the blood-dave leads more i seek you-catherine leads i love you lord *old school version* catherine leads who you are-dave leads

June 27 Dave - Spiritual Freedom

Goal, Special, Brand New glorious one bless the lord amazed Maker of Heaven more than life


July 4 Family Week

Counter Cultural Christianity - Freedom of speech and religion, Awesome Is The Lord Your Grace Is Enough No Sweeter Name I surrender (kim walker) alabaster jar pour my love on you

Spiritual Discplines

July 11 Prayer, Goal, Special, brand new across the earth your love never fails holy and anointed one rescue god of the city, Monday

July 18 Fasting, For who you are Oh Happy Day Mighty To Save Gaze I Give You my Heart Hosanna

July 25 Simplicity (Greg), Global Awareness (What are you willing to give up?), Everlasting God God is Great your love never fails I surrender (Kim walker) Oh you bring Stronger

Aug. 1 Study (Gina), come thou fount everlasting god your love makes me sing fragrant offering i stand in awe alabaster jar

Aug. 8 Meditation/Solitude (Dave), How can you get away in an urban an environment / full house, Happy day..Aaron leads Glorious one..Biggie leads Beautiful the blood..Aaron leads **intimacy ** new song...Catherine leads Lead me to the cross..catherine leads Your love never fails. ..Aaron leads

Aug. 15 Sabbath, awesome is the lord i adore you *no other savior i will worship jesus paid it all

Aug. 22 (Family Service) Confession - Gina, Baby Dedication: Hailey Furer, First and the last-biggie leads your grace is enough--biggie leads saving one- aaron leads i surrender-catherine leads intimacy-catherine leads came to my rescue- aaron leads

(Family Service) Aug. 29 Service, Missions Pray for Chi-Alpha, other, for who you are jesus messiah no other savior *because of your love pour my love you are god alone

September 5 Worship, Launch Team 2 in Family Minsitries, Mighty to save No other savior Desert song Because of your love The more I seek you Breathe

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