Input and Output Devices

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Input and Output Devices by Mind Map: Input and Output Devices

1. Keyboard is an input device

1.1. A keyboard is an essential part of a computer. This enables a person to type text into a program. Without a keyboard, it would be time consuming to do this. Keyboards can break easily (numbers pop off) if treated badly. If students are rough on their equipment, then the keyboards will have to be replaced and this can be costly.

2. A mouse is an input device

2.1. A mouse is a navigational device for computers. It makes it easy to point to things, such as the internet window on a computer. Without a mouse, it would be difficult to navigate Windows on a computer. Students lose and at times misuse these devices. The wireless ones require batteries to use them. It can be costly to replace numerous batteries for all students.

3. Headphones are an output device

4. Printers are an output device

4.1. Printers are a great output device. These can be used to print projects, research papers, or anything else a teacher may need in a classroom to assist with teaching. It can be frustrating to use at times, especially when it runs out of ink or has a paper jam.

5. Projectors are an output device

5.1. Projectors can be a great tool in the classroom. They can be used when a computer or program will not work or is not available. This will project images onto a screen for the teacher to use as a teaching tool. A challenge to using this is that it is outdated, and does not involve using the internet or other computer programs.