A Child with Deafness in the Family

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A Child with Deafness in the Family by Mind Map: A Child with Deafness  in the Family

1. Communication-1st Priority

1.1. American Sign Language

1.2. Signing Exact English

1.3. Total Communication

2. Early Diagnosis

2.1. Audiogram

2.2. ABR

2.3. Otological

3. Family Adjustment and Acceptance

3.1. Entire Family Affected

3.1.1. Support Groups

4. Family Interaction

4.1. Patience

4.1.1. Understanding Comfort

5. Educate Family

5.1. Research

5.1.1. Gallaudet University,National Technical Institue of Deaf, National Association of Deaf,

6. Begin Learning and Understanding Deaf Culture, History and Deaf Issues

6.1. More Research. Visit Deaf Universities, Reseidental Programs and Deaf Programs

7. Deaf Identify

7.1. Deaf People

7.1.1. Deaf Communities New node New node