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Algo by Mind Map: Algo

1. Voting

1.1. "one round"

1.1.1. Scoring rules Borda m-1,m-2,...,0 Plurality 1,0,...,0

1.1.2. Approval each candidate is voted on yes/no max number of votes wins

1.1.3. Condorcet pairwise election N(i,j) > N(j,i) [fix i, for all j] => i wins

1.1.4. Maximin / Simpson worst performance in all pairwise elections min(N(i,j)) [fix i, for all j]

1.1.5. Copeland N(i,j) > N(j,i) => C(i,j) = 1 N(i,j) = N(j,i) => C(i,j) = 0.5 N(i,j) < N(j,i) => C(i,j) = 0 sum(C(i,j)) [fix i, for all j] => score

1.1.6. Buckling B(i,l) is number of votes, thank rank i in top l l(i) is min(l) with l > n/2 max(l(i)) wins

1.1.7. Ranked pairs establish order based on N(i,j) starting with highest N(i,j) lock in, move to next pair

1.1.8. Cup balanced bintree one leave per candidate heap?

1.1.9. Scoring Approval aka Approving Scoring range e.g. 1-X

1.1.10. Kemeny minimizes number of inconsistencies (if i > j there shall not be no j > i == inconsistency)

1.1.11. Slater minimizes number of onconsistencies pairwise election based as few pairwise elections as possible

1.2. "two rounds"

1.2.1. Pluraility with runoff all but 2 removed after first round votes transferred like stv second round decides

1.3. "m-1 rounds"

1.3.1. Single transferable vote lowest removed votes transferred to next remaining

2. Anting

2.1. Maxmin Anting

2.2. diff. Anting