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1. traveling

1.1. my favourite places in bali as a designer

1.2. top places for working in bali

1.3. bali or thailand for digital nomad living

2. trends

3. lifestyle

3.1. health goals

3.2. how to learn to rest as freelancer

3.3. my way

4. lead magnet

4.1. New Account Workbook

4.2. Free logo for one chosen brand from the comments

4.3. Free Design Audit -- book it on a website

4.4. Creative Thinking Guide

4.5. Notion template for client work

5. storytelling

5.1. Can AI replace designers

5.2. copying or being inspired

5.3. Hiring Designer or Making Website from a template

5.4. my first clients

5.5. is it possible to work as a designer without education

5.6. my dreams and goals and how i chase them

5.7. bad advice to clients (dont make a website if you don't want more clients)

5.8. Expectation/reality of clients (what designer can and can't do, like copywriting for website)

5.9. September 2023 my life changed a lot

6. graphic and web-design

6.1. before/after

6.2. case

6.2.1. making design for [big brand] till they notice me

6.2.2. making new print for an Etsy store me and my boyfriend have

6.2.3. new project

6.2.4. work process

6.2.5. work with clients

6.3. testimonial

6.4. value for clients

6.4.1. why should a brand have brand identity

6.4.2. what style will suit this niche

6.4.3. what problems will website for your business solve

6.4.4. which website builder to use

6.4.5. what are my main values while working with a client

6.4.6. What will you lose without a website

6.4.7. Work Process (brief, prepayment...)

6.4.8. Why do you need a website if you already have instagram

6.5. selections

6.5.1. books every enterpreuter needs to reed to build a strong brand

6.6. client search

6.6.1. searching for clients in this niches

6.7. value for designers

6.7.1. template for client work in notion

6.7.2. work process for brand identity

6.7.3. red flags in clients

6.7.4. AIs for designers

6.7.5. design trends and how to use them

6.8. design challenge

7. fun stuff

7.1. go outside with "searching for clients" sign

7.2. go talk to strangers in Starbucks in case they need a designer

7.3. when i get paid

7.4. what client sees/what designer sees

7.5. I wanted to become freelance designer, but became: SMM manager, Copywriter, Photographer...

7.6. yes, but in graphic design

7.7. website for exboyfriend

7.8. decided to work a bit on the weekend (open laptop at 12 pm, close at 12 am)

8. money challenge

8.1. Every week telling what happened and what I have done

8.2. Money challenge rules

8.3. Starting point: what i know and what i do